Complete fire detection solution

Complete fire detection solution

Keep your fire detection system up to date

Pennington’s Electrical Contractors can offer the “one stop shop” for all your commercial fire alarm installation and maintenance requirements.

We cover the Surrey area.

Both national and European laws demand a minimum level of fire alarm and protection equipment and that it be maintained to accredited standards for all public and commercial buildings. We understand that with all the other demands on your time the last thing you need is yet another regulation to worry about. We specialise in this area and can resolve your questions promptly and efficiently. Contact us with any queries so that you can get on with what you do best, running your organisation or business.

Installation & Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems

If you have ever experienced the devastating effects of fire on a business then you may well know the importance of having a fire alarm system in place. It is not difficult to imagine the catastrophic effects fire can have. 80 percent of organisations that have a major fire cease trading within 3 years making fire prevention a great investment in your business.

Fire alarm systems are one of the best investments a business can make to ensure it is protected from fire. Disruption to business such as loss of data or key business equipment can take time to replace or is irreplaceable.

For staff safety, what systems are in place to prevent injury or the loss of life? If you have the right fire alarm installed in your premises it means that your staff and visitors will be safe and even if a fire does break out, they can safely escape from the building.

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