Electrician Guildford: Safety Precautions for Old Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are considered essential in every house because it is one of the most used and needed items in our home. It can be found in every room in our house. Electricity flows through the electrical outlet, then through the cord and it gives our electronic devices the power supply it needs to function. It is usually found on walls and occasionally on ceilings. There are different kinds of outlet in every country and usually differ by standards and by voltages. Some electronic devices may not be intended for some outlets, especially now that technology keeps on moving forward. Various technological advances modernize our device, which causes it to require more or lesser power consumption. Electrician Wimbledon has taken account some of the common hazards of an old outlet and here are the safety precaution you can take.

  1. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters also called Residual Current Device. Have you ever heard of someone who got electrocuted because the outlet got wet? These were news we encountered before ground fault circuit interrupters were invented. These devices cut off the electricity when the outlet is exposed to water and it also detects any imbalance it is exposed to. Ground fault circuit interrupters are commonly used in backyards or garden, comfort room, hand washing area, laundry area and by water parks. It prevents anyone from getting electrocuted in case the electrical outlet got splashed by water. Electrician Guildford suggests that if you have an old electrical outlet at home that is anywhere near water; get a ground fault circuit interrupter for your own safety.
  2. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters also referred to as combination type. What is worse than a spark? Well a bigger spark called an Arc. Arcs are electrical leaks that happen when a hot wire touches a neutral ground. Arcs can be hard to detect by only using the basic electrical tools because it is inside your walls and not just outside the outlet. Arc fault circuit interrupters do the job for you. It detects arcs and prevents it from causing fires by shutting down the outlet. Old outlets are at fault for this because they have higher chances of getting electrical leaks. Old wires can chip because of time, heat and corrosion. These are just some of the common reasons why some old houses get burned. If you have been in your home for more than fifteen years; get your electrical system wiring check and have an electrician install an arc fault circuit interrupter for you.
  3. Tamper resistant or childproof outlets. Kids love to explore their environment. After sucking their hand, they would crawl around and stick their fingers to anything they see interesting. May it be your cat or dog, a ball, a toy and of course, don’t limit yourself, an outlet! If you have a kid at home make sure to child proof every outlet in your house. Ask your local electrician about tamper resistant outlets. This outlet has an internal shutter mechanism that only allows receptacles to enter the hole.  Electrician Woking can install it for you if you want to make sure of your child’s safety.

It is better to take precautions than suffer the consequences sooner or later because you want to save money or time. Making sure you and your family are safe will be worth every old electrical outlet in your house replaced.