Electrician Wimbledon: What Does Your Warm Electrical Outlet Tell You?

One essential thing that you can see in a house is an electrical outlet. If you’re a teen or a workaholic, you always want to charge your phone near because you want it close-at-hand to easily check notifications or messages that pop on your phone. Your friends come over your place and, other than your Wi-Fi’s password the next thing that they will ask you is “Where can I charge my phone?” Now when it is your turn to charge your phone; you plug your charger in and noticed that your outlet is warm.

Electrician Wimbledon says that a warm outlet does not necessarily mean that there is a fire hazard or electrical failure. Here are some basic reasons why your outlet is warm:

  1. Your line power adapter or charger is working. You are using an appliance or gadget that needs a line power adapter to work and is currently in use. Remove your charger and wait for a few hours to check if the outlet is still warm. If it has not cooled down yet, change your wall wart or have it investigated by an electrician.
  2. You are using a power strip or outlet multiplier. You have a certain spot in your house that uses an outlet multiplier it may be because it is where everyone gathers to relax; best example is your living room. You have your TV, audio system, electric fan and your cell phone all powered by one outlet and outlet multiplier. Though this is definitely fine, you should be conscious of how much power you’re using on a single outlet.
  3. The wiring of your outlet is damaged. Loosed or damaged wiring inside your outlet can generate more heat as electricity flows. If you suspect that this is happening on your outlet, have it checked immediately. Electrician Guildford does electrical system check up on houses they have given their services to so they can be sure that the wiring system is safe.
  4. The wall or your outlet itself is fragmented. If you are seeing that your outlet is damaged, have it replaced immediately.
  5. Your house’s wiring structure might have a problem. The design of your electrical wiring depends on how the electricity flows in your circuits. The outlet might be having too much electricity flowing causing it to be warm.
  6. Your fuse or breaker is either too big or too small. If the size of the fuse or breaker is not compatible with the wiring system, it will have a resisting nature. It commonly happens in traditional houses that owns an old electrical system and cannot handle the demand of the load of the modern electronics we use.

The best way to understand why you have a warm outlet is to call an electrician and let them check it for you. Electrician Woking has encountered houses with warm outlets and discovered why it usually happens. Do not always self-diagnose your warm outlet most especially if it keeps on recurring even after unplugging all electronic devices attached to it. If it is obvious that there is something wrong with your outlet do not fiddle with it if you know very little about electricity. Take caution and have it checked by an expert.