Electrician Woking: Lighting Types That Add Design Value

Choosing the right type of lighting installation for your home, office, or business, you may not realize how important it is and how it impacts your environment. Actually no one knows better than electrician Wimbledon who are lighting experts read below and see our top picks for gorgeous lighting.

First off, let’s take a look at the different types of lightbulbs, and the types of light they give off:

  • Fluorescent or LED bulbs generally produce a cool white or blueish light, for a cleaner, more modern or professional appearance. LEDs are usually the best bang for your buck, with a far longer lifespan than other bulbs.
  • Halogen bulbs are very vibrant, clean, and offer clear light. They are great for task lighting.
  • Incandescent bulbs give off a warm and yellow light. They tend to create a cozy, homey feeling, but have a short lifespan.

Now that we’ve touched on the types of bulbs, let’s delve into some types of lighting, what they are, and how they can add to your home, office, or business décor.

  • Track lighting is versatile and effective; it can provide a nice aesthetic – something to look at – or simply perform its job as ambient, accent, or task lighting. Whether you’re using it to highlight work areas or a gallery of artwork, track lighting is both functional and malleable; each light on the track can be adjusted independently, allowing for a variety of interesting applications.
  • Recessed lighting is installed into a shallow opening in your ceiling, walls, or even floor. Recessed lights are excellent for accent and task lighting, and they make it easy to focus light on areas of interest (for example, beneath cabinets in your kitchen to light your counter space, or against a wall to highlight some interesting artwork or photographs).
  • Pendant lighting is simple and yet endearing, and it works great for accent and task lighting. You often see pendant lights in restaurants, hung over each booth or table, providing a comfortable light for customers and keeping the rest of the store pleasantly dim. That idea can be easily-translated to home or office environments as well. Pendant lights come in a seemingly-infinite number of styles, shapes, and colors, with unique fixtures and shades to suit almost any décor.
  • Chandelier lighting are also one of the elegant lighting types it can be a nice addition to your dining table depending on how it is installed. Chandeliers make an excellent focus or centerpiece for a room. Chandeliers attract the eye and generally dominate a room’s lighting. Needless to say, chandelier lighting can be quite the attractive eyepiece, and often sets the tone for the décor around it, whether it is modern, contemporary, or elegant in design.

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