Home Energy Saving Ideas

Having a spacious house in Guildford with 5 bedrooms and four active children can be costly, especially when it comes to the electric bill. It is good to do some tweaks in your house in order to save energy and expenses. Electrician Woking tells us that within a few months, you will see that it will impact your electric bill and could be cut in half using a few simple energy saving tricks:

Properly Set the Fridge

Doesn’t need to have a brand new Energy Star fridge, but you can save by monitoring the fridge I you have. Make sure it’s set between 35 and 38 degrees F. That keeps food cold enough to prevent it from spoiling, but won’t let it freeze either. On the proper temperature setting it uses much less energy every day.

Reduce Appliances

Electrician Guildford suggests that, rather than reducing appliance use, reduce the number of appliances. It’s better not to buy a microwave, dryer, toaster, or dishwasher, which means hanging clothes to dry, washing the dishes by hand, and cooking the food on the stove – all much cheaper options.

Use Gas Heaters

Electric heaters and central heating are very expensive, but gas heaters are much cheaper. It doesn’t get too cold in Wimbledon, but sometimes a heater is necessary. With just a few dollars a week, gas heater easily warms up the rooms where family are playing and working.

Buy Light Saving Bulbs

With so many lights in so many rooms, electric bill was going up just because the kids spent time in their rooms. It is better switching to energy saving LED bulbs, and it has been much cheaper. Buying the bulbs costs a lot initially, but it’s worth it in the end thanks to their longer lifespan and lower power usage.

Redo Your Insulation

If you had a leak under the front door that let in the cold air, which made it hard to keep the house warm. With just a bit of weatherstripping, the problem was solved. Over the summer, It’s good to re-insulate the house, and it’s been much warmer this winter.

Spend Time Together

If the lights and heat are only on in one room, there is much less energy being used. You can try and do activities all in the same room, as that way there is the only need for one heater and a couple of lights on at any one time.

It is essential to keep in mind these energy saving ideas to cut costs and save energy. While it can save lots of money in the long run electrician Surrey has a tip, that saving is always better.