Replacing a Double Light Switch

A double light switch is often used to turn two different light sources in one area on and off. The wiring constituent, in this case, is pretty much the same as a single light switch, but there are some fundamental differences to it. Here’s how to replace a double light switch easy procedure from electrician Wimbledon, either because the original one is old or you want a new style for your switch.

Shut off the Power

Working with electricity is not something to take for granted; if you’re not careful, you can be seriously hurt. It doesn’t matter if you’re wiring something simple like a double light switch or as complicated as a junction box, as the seriousness is the same.

Locate the main junction box that feeds the entire home. If you’re lucky, the panel will be marked, and you can easily switch the power off to the area you’re working in. If the box isn’t properly labeled, turn the main power off for safety.

Access the Double Light Switch

A gentle tip from electrician Surrey is to use a screwdriver to remove the screws that are holding the switch’s face plate in place. Before you start working, put the grounding strap on and connect the other end to the bare metal in the box. Then, the circuit tester to make sure the current is actually turned off. Press the contacts to each wire and each space between each wire. If current is not present, you can continue.

Identify Wires

There are hot wires, neutral wires, and a grounding wire in nearly all electrical wiring. The hot wire is usually red, but can also be black. A wire that is bare, green, or yellow (or green with a yellow stripe) is the grounding wire, and the white wire is the neutral wire.

In a double light switch setup, you will have multiple wires including one set each light fixture and one set that goes to the breaker box. Place a strip of electrical tape around the hot wires so that you can identify them easily later.

Connect the Double Light Switch

Some setups will not have a grounding wire. If this is the case, cut off a piece of wire and totally strip off the insulation. Tie one end to the box and the other to the green screw on the double light switch.

Take and group the rest of the like-colored wires coming from the wall box, bare wires with bare wires or white with white as needed; only the hot wires should be left without a group. Next, cut and strip the insulation from ends of each of the grouped wires. Twist the bare ends together and cap the ends with a wire nut.

If after reading the blog and still can’t replace your double light switch correctly. It is best to call an expert right away, electrician Guildford can help 24/7 round the clock and attend to emergencies quickly.