The Pennington's Team

From Surrey, Darren Pennington has now been working in the Electrical industry for more than 15-years. His late father was an electrician and he passed the skills and pride down to Darren before his untimely death at the age of 39.

From there Darren went it alone, completing his apprenticeship, forming Pennington’s Electrical in 2008 and moving into Hersham in 2009. His drive and ambition pushing him to be the number one choice for local hard working and proud professional electricians in the area.

I have always been a hard worker, my Dad however taught me the importance and more importantly the difference between a Tradesman and a Proud Professional, this has stayed with me and drives everything we do here at Pennington’s.

I fell in love with this area in 2009 when my wife and I moved in, we have now raised a family here and are proud to call it home. I want to build a strong family business that takes care of its customers and is proud of its reputation and work ethic and standards, I want my children to grow up and be a part of this community for many more years to come.

Darren Pennington

Director/ Estimator/Senior Engineer

Laura Pennington

Office Manager
Lives: Hersham
Interesting Fact: Has an Uncle that has an Olympic Silver Medal that he uses as a Toilet Chain!Special Skill: Her thumb can bend to touch her forearm
Loves: Rugby, Running and Music

Beverley Sullivan

Office Administrator
Lives: Walton
Interesting Fact: I worked and ran an Electrical Company in France with my husband for 10 years. I can speak French quite well
Special Skills: Spending money as fast as I earn it
Loves: Music, going to Concerts and spending time with young Grandchildren

Steve Minckley

Lives: Surbiton
Interesting Fact: Before Steve trained as an electrician with Pennington’s he was a qualified Plasterer for 10 Years.
Special Skills: Mr ‘Nice Guy’
Loves: Smokey Bacon Crisps

Huw Williams

Electrical Engineer
Lives: Caterham-on-Hill
Interesting Fact: Served in the Royal Marines for seven Years
Special Skill: Speaks Welsh
Loves: Rugby – A big Scarlett’s and Wales Fan

Riley Pennington

Director in Training
Lives: Hersham
Interesting Fact: Fascinated with WW2 and knows more about it than his Great Grandad who was in it (apparently)
Special Skills: Tactical Parental Negotiation
Loves: Chelsea Football Club & Real Madrid

Jesse Pennington

Apprentice Engineer AKA Boss Baby
Lives: Hersham
Interesting Fact: Can seek out danger anywhere at any time in the day or night
Special Skills: Ruff & Tumble Enthusiast
Loves: Eating Pudding, Not so much Main Course

Could This Be You?

Could This Be You?

Could This Be You